Earthquakes and chalk art and the flu…always the flu

Chalk Art Festival on Larimer Square in Denver, Colo.

The flu. Again. That’s four times so far this year. I blame my son’s kindergarten class. This is the first year I’ve been able to help every week in one of my kids’ classes and it’s coming with a cost. I’m paying a high price for the opportunity to help with sight words.

Another mom-volunteer told me that when she spends time in the classroom, she nurses a bottle of water with Airborne mixed in. This is the mom of the boy my son high-fived in the face so I’m just really thankful she’s willing to give me advice.

Let’s see, what else has happened while I’ve been sick. Oh! Earthquake! My daughters were both home sick yesterday. I was upstairs when the earthquake happened. This is the first two-story house I’ve lived in since moving to the desert nearly 25 years ago. Being upstairs when an earthquake hits is an entirely different experience.

I ran down the stairs calling, “Girls! Girls!” as though I was going to gather them in my arms where we’d wait out the end of the world together, or for the Confederate Army to storm in, or something.


Here’s how they reacted:

8-year-old: “Earthquake,” she said, totally bored.

4-year-old: “What is the shaking?” she wanted to know before she went back to coloring.

Meanwhile, I got on Facebook and Twitter for 30 minutes so I could regain my composure. Plus, I was putting off cleaning the bathroom, which is what I was doing when the earthquake happened.

When my 6-year-old got home from school I asked him if he felt the earthquake and, very irritated, he said, “No. I did not, but the ceiling voice told all the teachers to take their classes outside.” Do NOT mess with a 6-year-old’s rotation station schedule! Also, don’t bother explaining to him the “ceiling voice” is actually the office secretary on a speaker, because a voice in the ceiling is apparently a more likely scenario. Sheesh.

Enough about earthquakes. On to other, less “sciency” stuff.

It’s that time of year in the desert…. the weather is unbeatable (shoot, weather is sciency, isn’t it?). It’s warm enough to wear shorts, but not so hot yet that your face feels like it’s going to melt off. Softball season started last weekend for kids across the valley. Kids are out riding their bikes and taking walks. It’s a great time to be outside. 

The Palm Springs Chalk Art Festival is scheduled for 9 am to 5 pm this Saturday, next to the “Forever Marilyn” statue at the corner of Palm Canyon Drive and West Tahquitz Canyon Way. The festival is presented by the Sun-up Rotary Club and the City of Palm Springs Public Arts Commission. It’s FREE and open to the public.

There will be food, music, kid-friendly activities and awards for the artists.

Get outside. Enjoy some desert beauty.